Day 14-15: Bar Plots


I decided on this lesson because I am already know how to use bar graphs. I haven’t taught these lessons yet, hopefully next year. For this lesson, I would do a practice chart with the students. We would collect some data as a class and plot it together so they could see how to use the program. For my class, we would use Excel, since that is a program we already have available to the students. To help them learn how to create a bar chart, instead of birth months, I would have 5 types of candy in a basket. I would pass the basket around and have each student select their favorite. Then we would create an Excel spreadsheet with the data (how many of you selected______). After the data is in the spreadsheet, I would help them create a bar graph. Of course we would make it pretty when finished. I have attached what this could look like:

For an extension, I would have them explore the Excel chart tools to enhance their chart. This will give students something to do while I help the slower students.

Advice: Excel can be challenging for many students. I would make sure to assign seats so struggling students would sit by someone that could help.