Unit 5 - Bar Plots

I will look at Days 14-15: Bar Plots.

I am seeing no links to rubrics or templates like I saw for Units 3 and 4. So I guess I will post responses to the various questions asked during the Unit 5 Challenge here.
!. The school year is over and I did not have the opportunity to reach Unit 5. So, though I have read the lesson, I have not tried it out. Therefore, I do not have any aha moments to describe or artifacts to present.
2. If I were to extend this activity, after analyzing the publicagenda data and creating a bar graph for it, we would probably due a share out according to the provided lesson plan. But instead of practicing this skill further (and taking up more time in the unit on a skills-based aspect), I think I would have them search the web for an additional categorical bar graph that they could analyze and present to the class, as individuals or groups. Afterall, as they move forward in their academic and professional careers, they might not be the graph creators. But they will always be graph interpreters and this is a critical thinking skill that there is always time to spend more time on!
3. At this point, I don’t know if I would modify the lesson. I think I’d have to teach it first and see what was successful, unsuccessful, inspiring or draggy.


Quite alright if you didn’t finish the curriculum this year, each time you teach it (hopefully you are next year as well) you’ll get a little further based on your familiarity with the content. See what’s manageable and what you and your students can handle and learn together. Congrats on finishing your first year of ECS!