Debugging Help: Sprite not showing up on 2nd level

Hi everyone,
I know this is going to be a simple fix that I am just not seeing or thinking of. Student wants the nose sprite to show on the second level only.

Link to the project or level:
[Game Lab -]

What I expect to happen: When the present is clicked and it goes to the second level, the nose sprite (black nose) should appear.

What actually happens: The nose does not appear.

What I’ve tried: drawSprites black in all different locations. Tried .depth for the nose. Tried .destroy for all the sprites on the first page in case they were covering it up…


In this case, the nose sprite is there, but after clicking on the present, the “drawSprites” command isn’t called anymore, so it won’t draw the nose.

One way to fix it would be to make all of the other sprites visibility = false and then put a drawSprites command along with the code that draws the bear.

But there is an easier (although not taught) way to do it. You can actually draw a single sprite, but to do it, you need to move to text mode. Once in text mode, I use this line of code right below the code that draws the bear:


And it will draw just the nose.

Hope this helps!


Amazingly simple! I wish they would teach that as it is so useful in situations such as this! As always, thank you so much Mike.