Delete a student


I don’t see a way to remove a student from a class? How can I select a kid and delete them? I’ve had a couple kids move and don’t want to see them in my class list.


If you go to the teacher dashboard and then to your section, you will see a “Manage Students” tab (see image). When you click on Manage Students tab, you will see your list of students. In the rightmost column (Actions) you will see a drop down menu for each student. Click on the arrow of the drop down menu of the student you want to remove from the section. You will see the option to remove student.


I don’t see that option to “remove student”


I will ask a staff to look into what is going on with your account.


I see that option for some of my classes but not for all of them. I can’t figure out why some are different from others?


@sdiaz if you write in to we’ll be able to get our product team’s eyes on this and also look more closely at your account. Sorry to send you somewhere else to get help but if you write in there that will be the best way to get this fixed.



I have been using for 5 years and the biggest change I wish they would make is to be able to either delete or archive an entire class all at once. Right now they only way I can do this is to remove each student in the class first and then delete the class. My 36 classes change each year!


@klong1 I think this is a great idea! I make a new class each year so then I don’t really worry about previous students work - it is all acessible in that old class.

That being said, I can see why teachers would find that useful! I will share this with the staff! I know they have a lot on their “engineering wishlist”, but hopefully we can get this on the list (or pushed up higher on the list).



@klong1 you can hide old sections if you want from Just click the dropdown menu and select “Hide Section”. Let me know if you think that’s what you want.



I had a student I don’t teach appear on my class. But they are not in my google classroom which I Synced it from. It won’t give me the option to remove said student.