Difference between CS Principles and CS Discoveries

Hi All,

I am new in the forum but I’ve been using Code.org already. Just would like to know the difference between CS Principles and CS Discoveries. I am a Middle School Computer Teacher and am about to teach/introduce programming to my students next year. I’m in the process of creating a half term curriculum maps for Grade 6, Grade 7, and Grade 8. Thinking/planning to apply CS Principles to my Grade 8’s, CS Discoveries to my Grade 7’s, and CS Fundamentals to my Grade 6’s. I appreciate all the help and information from anyone. Thank you and have a good day.


Hi and welcome, @arjhan1975!

You can find descriptions of the two courses here:

Very roughly, CSP is intended to be a high school AP class (but can be taught not as an AP), whereas CSD is intended to be a middle school or intro high school level class. Both were designed so students don’t need prior CS knowledge/experience/interest to succeed in the classes. They probably have more in common than different. Very similar feel but different content.

CSP generally hasn’t been taught to students as young as Grade 8, but I would recommend looking over the curriculum yourself so you can decide whether it’s suitable for where your students are at.