Differentiation Petal Group 4 Chronic Absent Students

When dealing with students that are excessively absent, pull them from their activity class, create videos of instruction for there to be a flipped classroom aspect, follow attendance policy giving grades of zero to encourage them to come to school, and contact parents about chronic absences.

What struggles do you see these students have?

  • Missing out on pair programming
  • May cause another student to miss out on pair programming
  • Miss out on solutions to common problems brought up in class
  • Frustration
  • Apathy

What strategies could you use to support these students?

  • Screencasts
  • Study buddy
  • Encouragement
  • Relationship
  • Advocacy

Are there resources you could provide these students?

  • Screencasts
  • Mini lessons
  • Shortened lessons so they can stay in pace
  • Time - find a place in schedule to meet
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