Students with Autism with the assignment of projects


We discussed what the challenges these students would experience during a project.
Lack of interest -
Lack of apparent focus
Hyperfocus/attention on detail
Dealing with others
Sensory inputs from team
We also discussed what strategies we could use to support these students.
Selecting partners that the student is comfortable with
Letting them select tasks/roles
Lastly we discussed resources you could provide these students.
Quiet area
Buddy system
Project specialities (giving special attention/roles)
Turn out/down lights


Outstanding group project. See ya in January.


We would agree with everything you have come up with.

Some additional challenges we have founds are:

  • frustration with when they get stuck
  • Not understanding that you can’t always get to the him/her right away
  • difficulty transitioning between activities

Additional strategies we could use:

  • work with Special education teacher closely
  • take assessments in an alternative location
  • Clear & consistent rules & boundaries
  • warnings for transitions

Additional resources we could provide are:

  • pseudo code for when they are stuck
  • headphones