Students with IEPs in the General Education Classroom


If you have special education students in your class, make sure you request a list of the IEP accommodations from the case manager, RSP or SDC teacher.


This is a great point. I have many students this year with IEPs and at the beginning of the year the students RSP teachers provided them for me. Reminded me that some of my students would need extra time to work through the lessons.


I teach middle school kids and have several kids on IEPs for varying reasons and who function at many different levels. In discussions with a colleague, I’ve been informed that the Fundamentals curriculum has everything broken down into differentiated levels (A-K). I’m going to familiarize myself with the Fundamentals curriculum and use anything possible to teach CS to my IEP kids at a level they can understand.


Thank you all so much for taking the time to look at their IEPs! :heart:


@sesmith Thanks for the great tip on using Fundamentals for my student(s) with the IEP. I am going to start this on Monday! :grinning:


I appreciate the tip of Fundamentals curriculum as well, I have several students with IEPs and I made it a point to understand each of my studentʻs disability and have my SPED EA as well to know their IEPs. I was able to set up a learning session schedule for my SPED EA to work with the individual IEP students and support their learning.