Starting to teach CS Discoveries in Fall for LD students

I will be teaching CSD in fall and was looking for assessment ideas or quizzes for LD students with various IEP needs.

Hello Vinny,

For all of my students, the main assessments I use are the projects embedded in the units. My school grades based on Competency so I do not have to give weekly quizzes. I do have my students record vocabulary and html tags in their journals. This link will take you to the assessment area where people have shared out various ideas and you can ask people to send you some of their assessments.


I would think a lot would depend on the specifics of their IEP. I know it is probably not the answer you were hoping for. Like any other subject, your SPED/Inclusion teacher should be available to help accommodate those needs. Would there be an issue with your admin by having performance based tests/quizzes?