Multiple Choice Assessments


Has anyone drafted any assessments?


I haven’t seen any. I’m not forced to make assessments in the traditional test like vain, so I don’t. I let projects, discussions, and written prompts guide my assessment of learning. I find that it is refreshing for the students too. I also emphasize that it is the experience of the class that is the real importance here. Get students excited, get them thinking, working and growing, and hopefully that will translate into them taking more computer science classes.

Also, if you look at the class as teaching the students practices, how are problem solving, persistence, creativity, collaboration, and communication genuinely tested via a multiple choice? I suppose there are some ways to make questions and maybe we can crowdsource some here on the forum but I don’t see it as needed. I would also say that unit 2 is more aligned towards having a multiple choice assessment like this because of the technical nature of HTML and CSS.


Oh, and maybe take a look at this thread.


Thank you! My district mandates multiple choice assessments to prepare students for the many standardized assessments they take. I agree that most of what we teach in these courses should not be tested by multiple choice.


Thank you so much for sharing… I will be using some of these for my kiddos!



Wonderful assessment! Thanks so much!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: