Autistic Student- sensory sensitive-less is more accommodations

1st problem/question:
I am starting a new semester and I have an student with autism who became overwhelmed today when we broke into groups for the Paper Tower Challenge. (My fault! He did not know we were going to be grouping together today)
I struggled to think of something else that he could do while the other students worked on this challenge. He will complete the challenge by himself during his resource period, however, If anyone has alternative ideas for students who will not or cannot participate in a group activity such as this, please share!

2nd problem/question:
His accommodations state quality over quantity. Does anyone have a “map” for which activities can be omitted to fit a quality over quantity journey in CS Discoveries? Please share!
Thank you,
Lauren Benson

Hi @lbenson,

Accommodations such as this can be difficult especially when they are so individualized such as “quality over quantity” because the quantity can be very different for each student. I do not think a map exists that I am aware of. I know this is probably not new information, but the following are some common accommodations I use when working with students who are not successful on the posted timeline/curriculum:

  • Create a custom timeline. For example in Unit 3, I have students whose final assessment is the end of chapter 1 (the interactive card) and not the final chapter 2 assessment.

  • Switch to’s Fundamentals if the student is not successful with Discoveries.

  • Sound cancelling headphones if needed.

  • Here is a suggestion in the forum from a former CSD student.

Perhaps others can suggest some other accommodations that have been successful with their students.

Best wishes,

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I could also see having students working toward quality over quantity maybe completing only through the practice or assessment level, but not working through the challenge levels.