Digital Version of the Variable Board

I like to have my kids practice their document creating skills so I made a digital version of the variable board so my kids did the work on the computer. If you are interested in the digital copy, feel free to use this: Digital Variable Board

Students can double click on the drawing and insert shapes to make labels and connectors.


Thank you for sharing this resource. How did this lesson go for your students? Last year during the pilot, I felt this lesson was essential for deepening the understanding of how variables work.

You’re welcome! I changed the privacy setting so you should be able to access it now. Hopefully, it makes sense!
I walked my kids through the first one and demonstrated what they needed to do. Then I checked for understanding and had them walk me through the second. They worked on 3 and 4 with a partner or by themselves while I walked around and they seemed to understand. We came back together as a class to introduce the sprite cards and properties. I’ll know better if they understand when we work on Lesson 9.

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This is the digital version I used: Variables Unplugged - Tracking variables sheet