Directions hour of code online

does anyone have directions? We are having a testing day and I want to give my math students an assignment on google classroom but I wont be seeing them so I wanted a document of directions of what they need to do/click on. TIA!

@yanet.cabrera ,

Have you seen this page yet? It has some good advice for getting started.


Yes, I looked through all of them but there are no directions on what to tell the students and how the students access it

The nice thing is that there is so much out there now, you can choose which activities you want them to work on or let them choose their own. My favorite launching point is this site which is where has curated hour of code resources from a number of providers. All of the ones are there, but depending on what age your students are, what devices they have to use and what their interests are, there are a lot of options.


Is there a way to see what they complete if its a one?

If you have a teacher account with and set it up, there are a number of the ones that can be assigned and tracked.

See the screenshot below
Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 10.07.48 AM


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