Somebody that can help me about web page to THE HOUR OF CODE


I consider this great event very interesting " THE HOUR OF CODE" , I’m new and I want to try to make this event in my school however I have a question, should I make a web page? if so, what it is the domain name and hosting what could host my page?

thank you


Hi @mcns08 - You don’t need a web page to hos an “Hour of Code”. has a ton of resources - any of these are a good place to start depending on who your students are.

You can check out a lot of the resources here:


thank you very much kaitie_obryan, I really was worried, i’m going to have an hour of code event on my university, and I don’t have yet a web page , i thought that was necessary.
it’s my first time organizing an hour of code event, so i hope the students enjoying and want to come back next year.
I am very excited about this event, we will start with preschool, elementary and secondary school children and next year I hope to organize this event bigger , inviting more schools to participate.