New to the Party - How do I do it?

I would like my school to host an Hour of Code event. I’ve seen the how-to video & read many posts on the idea - most are along the lines of “How do I do coding?” I have that covered; what I would like are ideas on the actual Event side of things. I’m not much of a party planner, & would appreciate all kinds of non-technical ideas on what the venue should look like, starting it off, logistics, &c. I have all sorts of interested participants & between Khan Academy & have all sorts of things for them to do - I just want to create the right atmosphere on the day! (I need also point out that the “official” week is also our Final Exams week at my K-12 school - I was thinking of maybe a study break idea.)

Thanks in advance!

Hi jdowell,
If your school is anything like mine, the librarian is a highly skilled event planner. My librarian is great at organizing an agenda and spaces to fit that agenda. Try your librarian. If nothing else, ask the librarian who IS good at event planning. Speaking with someone else who is good at it can lead the way to a successful event.