Hour of Code 2022

Are we celebrating an Hour of Code in 2022??

If so, how is anyone else celebrating?

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I’m making huge content updates in [WUT] World and Dots.

I will prepare minecraft session

We are working as regional partners in PA to support the PA HOC Challenge 2022.
We’re spreading the word about HOC and asking teachers to sponsor pairs of students to complete an HOC activity and submit their projects to us for review. We will select the top three projects for grades 6-8 and grades 9-12. We’re working on putting together a “prize” package for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place pairs then we’ll celebrate their success during CS Ed Week in December by featuring those pairs in press releases, maybe plaques to hang in their schools, and other goodies for the classroom.
We’re still working out details and hope to start pushing out messages via social media and other email distribution lists to CS educators across PA.

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Hi, I was wondering if you would be willing to share your minecraft lesson. I have been struggling to create or use the lessons minecraft designs.
I feel like their created lessons don’t seem to have a lot of coding in them. It’s like the kids just have their character walk around a lot and every once in a while come up to a task they need to complete and that task doesn’t include very much coding. But I could be completely off on this, so any help would be appreciated.
Thank you

For the Hour of Code, I’m usually proposing a simple activity involving “type-in” draw with code programs.

Kids in the 80s used to type-in programs from magazines and books. This is similar.

If you want to try, get the PDF with the collection of programs from the Downloads section of https://codeguppy.com (it is free).

This is typing and running in action:

P.S. The free PDF with the collection of programs is in the Downloads section of https://codeguppy.com.