International Coding Competition

Hi all.

It’s that time of year again! #HourOfCode time. We want to raise awareness for coding education by organizing coding competitions for all grade levels across the World. Take your place in this fun and award-winning adventure with your school.

Join us for the world’s largest coding competition for students. We are expecting the participation of all teachers.

Competition date is December 1-12th

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Thanks for sharing! This looks great!

I’m interested in hosting the international coding competition for my class. Do all of the students need to be working at the same time, or do they each have to finish the challenges individually in their own time?



The class that collects the most stars by completing 20 Challenges in the shortest amount of time will be the winner. Students will start at the same time and solve the challenges individually.


Q: There aren’t enough computers in my school, what can I do to participate in the competition?

A: You can organize your students. They can participate in the competition at the same time with the computer they have at home.




Answers to some questions asked by our teachers via email:

Q1: Do I need to purchase before entering my school in the competition?
A1: No, our contest is free.

Q2: Would I need to get all my students to log in separately or do I add them to my account?
A2: After you create a class with your account, you must add your students to that class. And at the time of the competition, your students should log in separately.


Thank you for sharing this resource! Best of luck with the competition!

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Hi all,

Our coding competition starts on December 1st. There is great interest from many countries, especially the US. Join us for the world’s largest coding competition for students. Let your students gain this experience.

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