High Schools for Hour of Code


I am curious how high schools handle Hour of Code?


This will be my first year participating in the hour of code. As the media specialist, I’m using my computer lab area for the block of periods that covers all our lunch periods (technically 4 full periods) and encouraging students to come in during their lunch or study during that time frame. I created a Google Classroom for students to join with an intro video, sample project, and 2 coding assignments they can choose from. They will self-direct while I facilitate when necessary. I’ve also included the link to code.org where they can further investigate. I’m hopeful to get a good turn out.

Good luck to you.


I was wondering which 2 coding assignment you were choosing for HS. This will be our first time doing the Hour of Code. Also could you tell me which video and sample project you were going to show?


To be honest with you I don’t do anything really structured. We have recently started a maker space and have gotten some Ozobots and Little Bits kits. I’m going to have our kids “playing” with those. For those that want to do coding I direct them to the Hour of Code website and Code.org. I am a novice when it comes to any of this so I"m learning along with the kids.