Displaying Datatables

Is there a way to display a data table within the app (not the console)?

Hi @cmcmanus,

I don’t see any functions that indicate that’s possible.

I tried to do it manually and I think it’s feasible, but a lot of work.

I tried to start a proof of concept here: https://studio.code.org/projects/applab/Iwz5j5RN0PJKoPW1tWm0fSWHVLveIKQgQQGq1GLxEpk

I created a simple table with just a single column of student names, and two rows (so two names). The first chunk prints the table into the console, which you’re probably familiar with. I examined the commands in that and tried to extract what I needed so I can print that same data onto text labels in the app. That’s the second chunk. I was able to print the two student names, but positioning those labels would be a (relative) pain in the butt.

Basically, from what I see, it’s feasible to write a program that does such thing, but it does not seem to be a built-in feature.

We’ll try to get you an official word from a staff member who’s closer to App Lab.