Diverse Learners/Curriculum Activity Type table

In our CSD quarter 2 PD, we came up with this list of diverse learners and curriculum activity types. We then matched the diverse learners (a - j) with what activity types that would be most suitable for those learners.

Diverse learners

a. Girls/minorities
b. Learning disabilities
c. Gifted/academically talented
d. Experienced vs. novice
e. Wheelchair bound (no laptops, trackball)
f. Visually impaired
g. Economically disadvantaged (no computer at home)
h. Sensory
j. Anxiety

Curriculum Activity Types

unplugged activity: a, g, j, h
driver/navigator: b, e, f, d, c, a
think-pair-share: a, b, c, d
journaling as reflection (“rewind” button): a, b, i, j
extensions: c, d