Documentation classes?

Why no documentation on classes??

I am unsure of what your talking about

if your referring to actual documentation courses on how to properly document code for other people viewing I’m not aware of any courses that would have that
though that would be a good idea especially for best practices

However, if your talking about actual es6 classes which es5 CDO doesn’t have teaching the polyfill for it would be a nightmare especially for beginner level programmers

@GordonBrune ,

There is a lesson on classes that comes pretty late in the unit here on lesson 17.. If you go to the lesson plan, there is also a documentation pdf file linked in the resources.

I think it comes late because although classes are super helpful and useful, they aren’t one of the most basic building blocks you need to teach how to make a basic site. Still, I teach them and once the students are comfortable with them, they are very happy to be able to style two of the same elements in different ways.

I would be curious to know how many teachers teach the concept of classes, but I think it’s one of those “game changer” concepts for some students.



In this case, CSD Unit 2 is the Web Development unit, so classes would refer to html classes which are completely different from es6 javascript classes.


When students use the “documentation” link

there is no category for classes.

Yes, but no sub-link in the “documentation” link with the activity bubble.

there is no category for classes only “pseudo classes.”


Yeah. You’re right. Probably an oversight. I would suggest reporting that to as that could be an easy fix. At the minimum, they have announced they are considering rewriting the web lab curriculum so that could/should be added when they do that.


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