Does the "Share" link change for Unit 3 Lesson 27 when students change their project?

Hi all,
If a student gives a friend the “Share” link to their game for Unit 3 Lesson 27, does the share link change or does the same link just update if they make changes to their game?
Please advise. Thank you.

Hi apatel,
I’ve had students update their games (change sprites), and the link remains the same.
Have a great day!

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Greetings @apatel,

From my experience all project links should remain static like @paul.rallion says. the only time project links would be different is if you were looking for a timestamped version, I am not fully aware of how they generate the version keys but it probably revolves around the current date then being put into base64 generating a unique version making it possible to view and revert bad changes done to possible project that you’ve worked on.

Hope this answers your question!