Archive Classes & Share Links

I have not archived any of my classes yet and it is probably time to. I have taken many student projects and used the “share link” to create a document of projects I like to share with my new classes before we start that specific project.

If I archive those classes that I have access to through their “share links”, will that access disappear and/or will that link no longer work? I am a little too nervous to try and then lose those links (because I don’t remember what projects come from what classes"

I remix and then get the share link. That way it’s in my account.

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Hi @krowe,

I have had no problems losing the shared links from archive classes. I collect the links in Google forms so I do have them choose what assignment it is for. Below is a link from 2017! So - a class long archived. Not sure if this answers the question but thought I would share:)

2017 Project: Game Lab -