Download images or href link?

I want to be able to discuss this with my students since Lesson 9 teaches to Download image file but Creative Commons makes it easy to Link image when student “Copies HTML” for linking, and adding attribution. Is it purely a “website loading” speed issue?
Thanks so much for any insight.

That is one issue, but it is also considered good netiquette to not “hot link” images. Here’s an article with a lot of the reasons … one of the worst is that the original site has control of the image and can substitute a different one leaving your site displaying images that you might not want to display.


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I would second what @mwood is saying. I always have students download their images so they have control over what actually shows up. I’ve also had issues with students hot linking images from home that then get blocked when they get to school. Since there are limits to the size of files uploaded to WebLab loading speeds shouldn’t become an issue.