Unit 2: HTML/ Web Development

My class was just beginning their website. We left off at adding images and attribution. I am struggling because I am not sure of offline activities that are comparable. I am wondering if there is a way for students to download lessons on a flash drive, work offline and then submit the files for review? My community is rural and a large percentage of students do not have internet so we are thinking of drive-up internet service where students can get files.

Hi @dschreiber,
I’m finding myself in a similar situation. Just to clarify, your students are working on Unit 2 Lesson 7? If that’s the case, I was thinking about modifying the lesson by separating into two parts. The first part would be the content about Creative Commons and the second would be the part they could probably do on their own where they are actually putting pictures on their sites. That being said, the first part is the most challenging for the remote learning stuff. I had planned on doing a video with stops built in for students to kind of “think through” the need for Creative Commons images. I thought maybe I’d make one where I encouraged them to stop & think, show the video about Creative Commons, then move on to the second part where they could work more independently to put the images in to their sites. Does all of this make sense? Would they be able to have access enough to watch a video?