Unit 1 Project "Gallery Walk" Google Form

Hi All! I know Code.org doesn’t recommend this project be a presentation during distance learning, but I think students will enjoy checking out each others’ App ideas! Here’s a DL modified way for you to hold students accountable for really looking at and critiquing their peer’s projects in a Google Form Format. Please make a copy of this rather than editing it!

It has the following questions repeated for different apps:

  1. What is the name of the app?
  2. Who are the app creators?
  3. What is the PROBLEM that the app is trying to solve?
  4. Do you think the app addresses the problem?
  5. What are at least two positive things the app does to address the problem?
  6. How can this app be improved or further developed?

For regular classroom projects, there is a much cuter “Passport” pamphlet in the appropriate thread!

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@sierrac, Good idea! It’s nice that everyone is sharing ideas to help the online teaching go more smoothly.

I edited your link so it is a copy link and not an edit link. That should hopefully prevent someone from editing it by mistake.