Ideas for a Gallery Walk


Tomorrow my students will be turning in and showing off their personal websites that they’ve been working on. I’ve invited in other teachers and students to come in and see what we’ve been working on. However, I’m not exactly sure what I want my students to do during the walk. I’m thinking of splitting them into two groups. Having the creators stand by their computers while the viewers come around and ask questions and look at the sites, then switch? Does anyone have a guide/worksheet for the students to fill out while they view to help prompt conversation, questions, or in depth viewing?


I’ve used the
I like
I wish
What if

from the peer reviews and it seems like it works well. Students have a blank sheet of paper at their desk and divide into three sections each labeled as stated above.
Students will leave their machines and walk around the room. I’ve asked the visitors to just leave a comment.
It’s worked out well although we do get some strange or “joke” comments. The good outweighs the bad. This is pretty informal and I use it a lot.

It sounds like this may be a more formal thing though. Maybe groups walking around would be good. The groups have to be small because I could see if students didn’t get a chance right away to see the screens they may get distracted and/or just walk around with a friend and chat. I think you may need something to keep them honest. Maybe they need to take notes about what they liked and what machines where they liked things. Maybe something that they needed to take back and add to their projects.