U3 Day 6-7: PD Discussion Topic

U3 Day 6-7: PD Discussion Topic

This isn’t exactly guided questions, but during a Saturday workshop one of the participants suggested a gallery walk once students get started on their web pages so that they can see what other students are doing. Then they can ask questions, get ideas, etc.

Ask students to find and share a website that helps to get ideas on color themes or layout or design . Have them post it on padlet.


Link to my lesson plan; Still need to figure out how to upload to this discussion.

I also give students the websites to html color codes allowing them to play with color…

I encouraged my students to go back and look at the class demos we created as a whole group and to remember to incorporate specific elements into their webpage. We also completed some lessons within CodeAcademy.com and for some students, this was extremely helpful.

I asked my students to read their storyboard…How can an image tell a reader what you would like them to know about your page?

I like to pair stronger and weaker students together. This way they have someone to ask questions. This ends up helping both students master the lesson material.

Peer Review - or gallery walks would be a great way to get students out from “hiding” behind their computers. They might be able to get new ideas or provide feedback to their peers by doing this as well. Maybe some of the “more advanced” students will have something on their site that intrigues the others and they can share/teach what they did with the others.

After the students created a storyboard I had them mark websites they wanted to use ideas from whether it was colors, fonts placements, etc. Then I had them share those codes with the class and what they did and where their ideas were borrowed from. I find the students asking each other, hey how did you do this, and they love helping each other. I enjoy asking them to share the ideas, because it gives me an opportunity to learn as well!

Students did well with the tutorials. Honestly, they helped me more than I helped them.

I think I will allow my students to design their pages in a group so they can decide how to develop their web page.

Attached is the lesson @rvordahl and I did for U3 Day 6-7.

Challenge 2.pdf (138.5 KB)

I can have students check the work of the person across from them and they have to give two glows and one grow.

Even though there is a computer for each student, I might try pairing students and have them work together taking turns entering the content and code.


Some of the questions would be:

  1. How good do you think you page will look?
  2. Will you have the best page in the class?
  3. What do you think the best page will look like?
  4. I see that you understood the topic; can you help your neighbor?

I use padlet as well but I hadn’t thought of that.

Have students share their favorite websites and discuss the elements that they like about each. I really like the idea of having students walk around the class and look at each others websites to share ideas. I always encourage my student to share their knowledge, so if they find something cool I have them share it with the class.

Students investigate how colors of light mix to form other colors and how this relates to the hexadecimal code for colors in HTML. It is surprising that red and green light combine to form yellow light.

EQ: EQ: How do I enhance my Dreamweaver web page?
Lesson: Web Design
Materials: Network, Notebook-Vocabulary, Internet Explorer (or browser of choice), Dreamweaver, Flash software

Objective: Students will begin to discuss web design components. Students will discuss and explore the software (Internet Explorer, Dreamweaver and Flash software). Students will continue to explore using the internet for research (cont.). Students will discuss how software is used together while reflecting on problem solving and design skills. Student will continue to collaborate on research and design plans while learning the software. (html ). Students will continue to enhance web site by adding images and links as needed by exploring the Dreamweaver tools and comparing the split design and code windows.

What is the activator in today’s lesson? Web Activity
Quality Plus Teaching Strategies in today’s lesson? Modeling and Practice Collaboration
What factors of engagement am I using today? Discussion, navigation, software and internet interaction
What will be the evidence of learning today? – Formative - Observation of students: use of workstation, software, network/internet navigation, and use of vocabulary.
What will be differentiated? Process
I am basing my decision on my students’: Readiness

I use this lesson to teach web design with Dreamweaver. Students learn the HTML along side the design windows together as they add text, graphics, and links!

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