U3L7 Online PD Discussion

Use this space to discuss the challenge activity for online pd. If you completed this lesson as part of your PD, be sure to share the following:

  • The programming artifact you created in doing the lesson (specific level is specified in code studio).
  • The assessment question or extending learning activity that you produce for this lesson.
  • Notes for others who are going to teach this lesson. This should include:
    • Advice for someone who is going to teach this lesson (consider what was challenging about doing the activity, what you think students will struggle with, etc).
    • What ideas do you have about how to structure and teach this lesson? what modifications do you plan to make to the lesson?
    • What additional resources (if any) might be helpful in teaching this lesson

Lesson 5:Stage 10 https://studio.code.org/projects/applab/ZWBOt-AlGi0tXO5rxYfuuQ

Assessment question: How do you know where to place items on your page? Explain.

My students had a hard time visualizing how to place the cursor on the screen. I learned that they are very visual and need to SEE an example to understand. I will give students graph paper and have them trace out the size of the screen they are working with. I will also refer them back to the favicon lesson in Unit 1 to refresh their memories.

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Lesson 5: Stage 10 https://studio.code.org/projects/applab/5D4FPexasMHv-hwpFX738w

Create an extension activity.

The extension activity is similar to that of ‘Create your
own Art’ Unit 5 Lesson 10

Instead of creating their own art work, they will create
their initials, first name or nick name. This way it becomes a more personal
finished product, and while some students might share some initials, and can
work with each other most will have to go through the process on their own,
thus making it more of a challenge for them.

As I grade these, I will look for completeness, creativity,
quality of work and timeliness.

For teaching the lesson, look at how the ‘grid’ works. (0,0)
is not in the center-like graphs in math, but on the upper left corner. I would
have a grid laid out-on the board or on a piece of butcher paper, so that
students can have a reference for this.

Modifications, are not going to be too bad if any. Even EL
learners, since most know what left, right and straight are.

A review of the terms (word wall) and perhaps a review of (X
, Y) coordinates in graphing might be a good review or refresher, depending on
the class.


I like the assessment question, since it follows along with what I had in mind in creating the extension activity.

I was thinking of using graph paper as well-so good idea.

Lesson 5: Stage 10 enter link description here

Advice I would give someone who is going to teach this lesson is to first start off with showing the class a grid and various coordinates. This will prepare the students for understanding how the turtle will navigate around the program. I would also advise the teacher to review angles as that is a crucial part of this activity. I created something simple but it involved me thinking about angles and coordinates to reach my goal. I would have the students experiment as much as they can so they don’t feel anxious about the angles. In my experience, numbers always scare off students. This is a great lesson to show how math is crucial in computer science.

My advice for teaching this lesson is that you should spend time to go over basic JavaScript coding syntax before starting the lesson.

Turtle Drawing

Definitely use graph paper: http://www.mathworksheets4kids.com/grid/25by25-positive-grid1-large.png

use the 4th quadrant - origin (0,0) in left corner. Next the students will graph the letters and the position of the turtle at the beginning and end of each letter. when the students complete their graph paper, then let them work on the computer .

Extension: Have students give their program to a partner and the partner should be able to alter the program to say “I :gift_heart: code.org

I agree, graph paper is essential for this activity and a review of graphing where (0,0) is in the upper left corner and the max for (x,y) is 320 x 450 would be a good review.

Lesson 5 Stage 10 https://studio.code.org/projects/applab/abyiTMDXQHHYXQYwVuj7lQ
The extension lesson would be for the students to create maybe their own favicon or own unique design that incorporates most of what was learnt in this stage. See who in the class could come up with the best design.

I would have a gallery walk for their classmates to choose the best creative designs. (It would be an anonymous vote)

This lesson is where students are actually getting to delve into the design side of codestudio so you want to allow the students the opportunity to sought of play around and get comfortable in creating designs with the turtle.