U3 Day 6-7: PD Discussion Topic

It is good to let students see the effects of different colors on their sites. I also bring into the discussion the fact that some people are visually challenged and that they need to code for anyone visiting their site.

I allow the students to design their own pages as well. They like the creativity.

You can have the students do a think, pair, share. Where they answer: What is there vision? Where they currently are at with there website? Then they can ask there partners advice on how they can get to their vision.

I would like to have students view other websites they are interested in and write down ways images are used to enhance the site. I think a lot of exploration through viewing other sites as well as exploring photoshop will have a positive impact on student learning.

I plan on having students peer edit each others work, including the code.

I am also having students in pairs come up with a web page concept which they will story board and then give to another pair to create. The original pair will then evaluate how well the original vision was achieved. Students will then discuss the reasons why the project went the way it did and how it could be made even better next time.

What are some guiding questions you use to help students to continue collaborating while working on their web pages, which can seem like individual work and students hiding behind their own screen?

Didn’t have to do much of that as I could follow what they were doing as they did it by just walking around. I used proximity… when I was nearby, they asked their own questions of me. I was also building a webpage as well and projecting my progress on the board as I worked. This created a lot of opportunity for dialogue and the exchange of ideas.

I asked students if they have ever used Google to get a picture for a project. I continued to ask how they retrieved the image. I demonstrated to them that the image has it’s own URL and explained that the URL, describing that the forward slashes represent folders within the server that host the image. I had a discussion of images being creative property and being covered legally by copyright and most websites need to have images released to the web designer or created by the web designer. Then that the images need to be in a folder accessible to the web designer. We work on using reference links to online pictures and folders for original pictures.

Very easy to introduce in the W3 schools tutorial. Once again emphasizing original content, students chose which words and phrases to alter.

I allow the students to do a gallery walk where they get to see the other students’ work before the submit their final project. They get the opportunity to see what they like and use it in the work. I will often hear students ask others, “how did you do that?” Then they will go back to their seats and try to incorporate what they have observed into their project.

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My students are already making their websites in teams of two. they did their story boards together and then i=began to create their websites individually. after a few days (before Lesson 3 day 6) I had them look over both concepts of the same website. Which one did they like better? That is the one that they switched to. Now both group members work on that one website. This helps with the weaker one and will help me with the grading because my class is so large

I like the idea others have suggested of doing a gallery walk and seeing other students’ sites. Some guiding questions could be more like reflection, such as “What do you like about this site?” “What would you change about this site?” “What would you add?”.

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Why do you want to use this image on your web page? Can you crop it and use another image overlayed with it to make it more interesting as an eye catcher?

I encourage my students to try to incorporate something above and beyond the rubric, then when they do their gallery walk, students will note which projects have something on them that they want to learn how to do.

I also had students work in pairs (primarily due to the quantity of available computers). We emphasize change drivers often (changing who is operating the mouse.) We also did gallery walks. As someone in our Saturday PD suggested, we used Photoshop Express to explore different image editing options.