Struggling with Virtual

I am really struggling to edit the activities so that online only students can easily follow along and understand what is going on for each lesson. I would love to see what some of you have done to make this easier for the students. I see 25% of my students on Monday & Tuesday, 25% on Thursday & Friday, and 50% are online only. Wednesday is 100% virtual, and they are all over the place as far as where they are in the unit. I can’t seem to keep them together, even with the pacing guide posted. Any help is greatly appreciated. Just following along with the slides and doing the slide deck activities has not been helpful, especially for my online only students. I am teaching this as non-AP.

Thank you for your help.

Hi @angie_helms28033,

I’m not sure if it helps, but I’ve been giving pretty specific guidelines for what should happen each day and locking material that they shouldn’t be accessing by toggling the visibility on the assignment. What unit are you working on? Sometimes it helps to make videos of the slides so they can’t just click through them and then to embed them in an EdPuzzle that allows you to create check for understanding questions throughout the video. I’ve found this to help with pacing because it makes the amount of time each lesson takes a little more consistent for the students.

@angie_helms28033 I am doing activities in small groups and using Zoom break out rooms. I am using a digital notebook and have students fill in vocabulary, journal prompts etc in the notebook. I intend to grade their notebooks, have not found any time yet.