Drop-Down Functionality in App Lap

Link to the project or level: App Lab - Code.org
What I expect to happen: This group wants to use the drop-down as the main navigation of their app. They want to be able to select from the drop-down options to change screens.
What actually happens: Whenever we use the dropdown to return to a previous screen, the dropdown text for the last screen stays, so when we click on it, it immediately sends us back to the previous screen without letting us choose, then changes to the dropdown text of the other screen, and so on. However, if we didn’t return to a previous screen, then the dropdown works as intended. Is there some reason why the dropdown doesn’t work sometimes?
What I’ve tried: Tried debugging ourselves and searching the forum but haven’t been able to find a reason for it.

The problem here is that the onEvents are listening for click events, when they should be listening to a change event or input event.

// To make the dropdowns work properly, do this
onEvent(dropdown_id, "input", function(){...});

Hi there @briannarapp,

While I agree with @ismailmf777 that this would fix your issue but your screen navigation for each drop down seems pretty inefficient, also the naming scheme of certain buttons are also not consistent which is apart of best practices I’d assume you probably haven’t gone over this yet but anyways I think i was able to clean up your project a bit by resorting all of the projects by using the toScreen() function I’ve created lets give that a rundown

function toScreen(info) {
  // this is the current id that has recived input
  var id = info.srcElementId;
  // this line was forced to be this way because of how you implemented it
  setScreen(getText(id).replace(/\s/g, ""));
  // this line resets the option you input after you leave the screen
  setText(id, getProperty(id, "options")[0]);

by using this i don’t need a huge decision tree on each event I’ll link the project below
Link: https://studio.code.org/projects/applab/z30kSYqWmJ3dwWyRFpexI-X-4XfslTbbtvrwmQZQ-pk/view

Anyways hope this helps