Dropdown menu to multiple screens

Hello. I have a quick question about how to use a dropdown menu to move to multiple screens in App Lab. I know how to do it in other programs but am not exactly sure how to do it in App Lab. I tried the code in the screenshot below. But, it will only go to a new screen if the second option is chosen. If I try to click on screen1 (the first option), nothing happens. Maybe it’s because I’m not actually changing the choice from the first one listed.

Would I need to just put a placeholder in the first line in the dropdown menu so whatever the user chooses is actually a change?  It looks like the program is recognizing the variable I created because I can move to screen3 from the dropdown menu.  The project link is below.  Thanks.
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Welcome back @saundersj
Take a look at this demo and see if it shows what you’re looking for:

Thank you. This is helpful. But, is there a way for a user to actually click on the dropdown choice and move to more than two different screens without having to click a seperate button? So, it would all happen within the dropdown menu. Thanks again.

@saundersj, I think your thoughts about having placeholder text could be a good place to start. Right now, it is only set to switch screens on a “change” event and when you select the currently selected option, it’s not seeing it as a change.

You may also want to post your question in the CS Principles (CSP) forum. In CS Discoveries, (CSD) this is beyond the scope of what students do, so the folks in the (CSP) forum who use App Lab more may be able to give you some suggestions.

Good luck!


Drop downs can be painful. If you use an onEvent for a change in value then you must change the value as you suspected.

One way is to add in a place holder like “choose” as the first item so the value must change.

The other is what @edavis is showing you. Add a button to mark the choice was made.