Embed Code Assignments to other websites

I’ve seen the help on embedding student projects, but I’m asking about being able to embed Code.org into another site like Peardeck or GoFormative so students can work on assignments there.

With virtual learning, a lot of my students struggle with working on multiple tabs at once and it would be great to be able to embed the assignment into another tool where they can answer the reflection questions.

Hi @kcharlton,

I primarily use Nearpod which is very similar to Peardeck. I tried to add an assignment using Nearpod’s “Web Content” but it created a link to that assignment which then opened in another tab. Using the embed code was not an option for Nearpod. I am not familiar with a way to embed a Code.org project or webpage into one of these tools. Personally, I use screenshots from the assignments and projects when I am referring to them in Nearpod. Nearpod does have the option to add a video. I could do a screen recording (Screencastify or Loom) of a Code.org assignment, especially if I wanted to emphasize the animation or something similar, and that should play within the tool. I have not done that but theoretically, it should work.

Perhaps others will have suggestions or workarounds as well.


Yes I’ve done that but am hoping there would be a way for them to watch the videos & work on Code at the same time in the same tab but the assignments don’t seem to be embeddable

I understand the purpose. With every tab that opens, we may lose a student or two. But no, I don’t believe they can be embedded.