Embedding into Schoology or other LMS

I am unsure if anyone answered this or has been created. Can teachers embed code.org into Schoology or any other LMS as a one-stop shop for student access?

Hi @phyllicia.moore,

If you mean can the Code.org lesson/activity appear directly within a page in Schoology, then no that is not possible. You can link from your LMS to the lesson/activity in https://studio.code.org/ but there is no embed feature for each lesson or bubble to be added to a page in an LMS. I link from Canvas to the lessons I want them to complete each day.

For Canvas LMS, there is a “Commons” where others share templates for curriculum and/or classes. You can then copy and use theses shared templates. I am not familiar with Schoology but you could check to see if they have a similar feature or perhaps others can give more advice for Schoology and CSDiscoveries. It is certainly nice to not have to “recreate the wheel” if we don’t have to.