Links to Lessons to post on LMS

Is there an easy way to grab the student lesson links for all the lessons in a unit to be posted on Canvas for my students to access? When there are multiple assignments to be turned in through an LMS like Canvas it becomes difficult to have students go to the correct course and lesson link when asked to navigate to the lesson. I noticed there is a way to grab the link for each lesson. Like this : Using the “Send Link to Students”

It would be nice to have a page with all the lesson links, especially since I now have to go into Canvas and edit all the assignments and remove the 2020 link and add the correct link for 2021 lesson even though there is no change on the activity.

I agree. Another idea that would be nice is if allowed you to build a course in their system similar to Canvas. What I mean by that is it would be nice to grab sections at a time and build your own course as opposed to switching sections for your students each time you want to access older or different course material. I still use Unit 3 from 18/19 to introduce coding and would like to be able to build my own class. Just a thought!