Getting lost on the teachers website

My classroom teacher, I just pretend to be a teacher, has trouble every day getting from the lesson plan back to the actual lesson. Is there a direct link from the lesson plan?

I think in the past there was a link in the lesson plan to the lesson on Code Studio. Those no longer exists (I assume it is a painful process to keep them up to date each year). When you click on “View Lesson Plan”, it opens in a new tab. Is the teacher closing the other tab out?

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Is something like the “View on Code Studio” link what you are looking for? image

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She, like many teachers, faces a resource crunch. She has been instructed to close all extra tabs to make zoom workable. I will tell her she is being too thrifty.

Is printing out the lesson plan in hard copy out of the question? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully she doesn’t need to click any links…