Embed Code Available?

Hello. CS Discoveries and AP CSP used to give embed code with projects so students can post them online. Has this option be deleted or moved somewhere? It is a good feature.



Is there a specific project where you are looking for the code? Typically, if it is inside a lesson, a student needs to first “remix” the project and then find it in the projects gallery (http://studio.code.org/projects) and then click on “share” where they will receive a link that can be shared. Then, below the link on that popup, there is an “advanced options” link that opens when clicked and you can get the “embed” code there if you want to embed it on a web page. I just checked one of my projects and it is there. Is there a specific project or lesson where you can’t find it?

You may have to enable student sharing if you can’t find it.

Best wishes!


Thanks Mike. I think I didn’t allow student sharing when I set up the course, which is probably the problem! Will check on that. I really just want to grab it myself to showcase.

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