Entrance Placement Test


Is there any Entrance Placement tests available that can help me identify on which level new students should go for? Something like the language placement tests that tells you at which level you are today.


That is an excellent question. There is not one that I know of.
Which course are you thinking of using?

Thanks Cecilia.
I am thinking generally for all the curriculum where based on the placement test results I can identify which course/level they can join. This is of course applicable when we are not a school that is aligned to the Grade level.


There is not a placement test for the entire curriculum that I am aware of.

The courses are designed for a class to work together with “unplugged” lessons throughout the course and includes group work too. There are opportunities for differentiation within the courses. As an example, this one is for CS Discoveries CSD Guide to Differentiation 2021 - Google Docs

If you have students working at different levels and want courses that are more self-paced, these could help Computer Science at Home | Code.org

Sounds like you have seen this page, but just in case, here is the page with level recommendations. It has the continuum for the curriculum as well. Code.org - Learn Computer Science

There are rubrics for each of the projects and that may be a place to start for creating a placement test, if you wanted to do that.

Code is always open to suggestions for improvement. Email support@code.org if you’d like to submit this as a suggestion.

Hope this helps.