Example Practice Test in Code Studio


In reference to the AP CSP 50 question sample test listed on the site.

Good morning team.

I would like to know if there was a to print out the students’ answers to their tests or if there were a way for me to print out the actual test that is listed here so we can go over it and discuss it as a class. I have looked all over the site to see if I could find the PDF or anything that could show the questions and answers on both the teacher side and the student side.


I don’t think so. A lot of these questions are taken from the test released by College Board. So you may be able to print them from there.


Can someone provide a link to this resource? Is this on code.org?


This particular practice test may be obsolete at this point. It was removed as an option from the course pull-down menu because a) the College Board released a full 75-question practice exam - ours was only meant as a temporary stand-in for it anyway - which led us to b) cannibalized our 50-question test to build smaller assessments into the course along the way.

The link to the old one, however is here: https://studio.code.org/s/cspassessment
But if you’re following the course you’ll see a lot of these questions used/re-used throughout.

To get access to the official practice exam you need to do so through the College Board website.