Printable unit tests?

Is there a way to print the Unit MC tests? Sometimes internet isn’t working and it would be great to just hand out a nicely formatted paper copy.


As far as I can tell no there is not a way to easily print the test. If you load it up on your teacher screen and ctrl +p to print the page, it will print the answers along with it. You could maybe use the snipping tool or similar screen capture option to print?

Thank you. Yes, I’ve used the snipping tool in the past. Just hoping for a shorter way.

Something that’s more labor intensive but can solve the problem of printing is using multiple choice questions from AP Classroom (You can either have them take it online or print out the test (just make sure you’re not using secure questions).

I do this to mitigate cheating by students who find answers online to the assessments. I usually use that test as a practice test (classwork grade as accuracy) and then create my own test aligned with the topics in AP Classroom and administer that.

***This is something that has always frustrated me about and principles > not making multiple assessments (like an alternate test) and the ability to print the test in a pdf version or word document to alter if one wanted to. I’m surprised that they haven’t done this after almost 8 years of creating the course and lots of teacher feedback about their assessments.

I agree! Because I’ve also had to create tests.

Thanks Ryan!