Explore Performance Task

Please recommend some websites that students may visit to do research on Explore Performance Task. Thanks

Have you consulted the Explore PT Survival Guide. That document includes resources that will help your students successfully complete the Performance Task. The guide can be found here.

We are struggling with finding computational innovations. Would you consider 5G a computational innovation? Does it transform or process data? We worked through the worksheet that code.org provide and we got stuck justifying if 5G really meets the criteria

The criteria for computing innovation is that it has to contain hardware or software. 5G is a communication standard. Standards like 5G, TCP/IP, Bluetooth are not computational innovations. A device that uses 5G like:

These 5G devices are available to purchase today:

would be computational innovations.

Does anyone know if students need to cite stock images used in a program like Canva? Or other creation programs for their computational artifact? I know they need to cite images off of google through the website were they are located, but now I have kids using these different types of things where they use clip art. I don’t remember having them cite them before. So thinking about it I was not sure.

Hi Kimberly,

I believe that they are ok when using open source clip art or icons. If my students were to ask me, however, I would tell them to cite each and every thing that they can. Better to be safe than sorry!


I would recommend they at least mention where the images came from in 2B.