Explore PT Sample E Score for row 2A


Why did Sample E not get a point for row 2a?
When I look at the WR question 2a: The WR names the innovation (NFC), describes the purpose (allows two devices to communicate, giving the ability to transfer data wirelessly)
The score sheet says it did note receive a point because “NFC is not a computing innovation; rather it is a standard that allows computing innovations to transfer data.” Sample C, which describes a GPS, earned the point. The same statement could be said about GPS; it is also a standard that allows computing innovations to transfer data. What is the difference? I understand that NFC is much simpler than GPS, but NFC would need a computer and code as an integral of its function (for example to be used in Apple pay),


Hey @anthony_barbuto I think this is a great question and I wish I had a clearer answer. Obviously you’re referring to College Board created materials here but even in our own guides we try to be clear that the boundaries feel fuzzy to us. In the Explore PT Survival Guide (see Explore PT Prep Unit ) our approach is to have students get a sense for where those fuzzy boundaries are so they can stay away from them. In other words, I agree, this seems a little inconsistent, so given our lack of clarity our advice is to choose innovations that very clearly pass the bar.

Hope that helps a little!