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One of my students did a video for his computational artifact – it turned out to be 1 minute 6 seconds and he’s worried it won’t be accepted because it is above the 1 minute mark. He has tried multiple times to shorten it. Would this be thrown out or would it be ok? I can advise him to take something out if necessary. Thank you! VaNessa


@vanessaduplessie I would check the file size for your students video. Make sure its no larger than 30MB.


This might be a good question to take to the college board forums!


@vanessaduplessie I would suggest going to the college board forum as well, but I know they have hard cut offs for file sizes, I THINK they have it for length too.

I would have him try it! He can upload it and then wait to “submit as final” later. If he does try it, let us know how it works!