How to help a student whose video file is > 100 Mb but under 1 minute?


This is perhaps a unique situation, I know a student whose video artifact is greater than 100 Mb and less than a minute. I don’t think he can upload that video file since it is not under 30 Mb as required on the portfolio.Any suggestions? Any tricks? Thanks, VJ


I haven’t tried this myself, but something like this might work:



Thanks Bill. Will suggest that to the student.


Perhaps you can use HandBrake to shrink the video a bit and introduce some compression.


If you have access to the Adobe Creative Cloud, You can use Media Encoder CC to compress the file. You can also try Movavi video converter to compress. It is available as a free download.



You can also try stripping the audio and submitting a written narrative. Or increasing the speed of the video and recording a new narration. Also, the video does not have to show all the functionality. Perhaps it can be shortened by showing less.

Submit one video in .mp4, .wmv, .avi, or .mov format that demonstrates the running of at least one significant feature of your program. Your video must not exceed 1 minute in length and must not exceed 30MB in size.



Thank you Terence. I will suggest all the ideas I have received so far. Hopefully one of them will work well.
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That’s a good point to consider Andrea. I will let the student know about it. Hopefully one of the suggestions I have so far will work out.
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Looks like you received some good feedback on this. I especially appreciate the link to Handbrake and MovAVI. The student might also want to record using – which is free. We discovered the Adobe Media Encoder by accident – but it is good if you have access to it. For years, I was using Aimersoft Video Converter very successfully to go to more compressed formats. You might want to try Microsoft’s wmv file type. It really does give you some small file sizes sometimes.


Thank you for those suggestions, will forward the info to all students in the class.


did you mean 100 Mb or 100 MB ???
100 Mb would be 12.5 MB
I assume that you mean the file size it > 100 MB