Create PT video software

Hey all,
My students are in the process of creating their Create Performance Task. Any suggestions on software to record their apps in action? I’ve heard folks use Screencastify, but our school’s IT people are unable to load it on our computers. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

A quick workaround is to have your students record app with their phones while they interact with the app. Additionally, iPhones have built in screen recorder. Your students can send the app to their phones and record the apps functionality using the screen recorder. I hope this helps.

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Screen-o-matic is what my students have used! Super easy.


Piggybacking off @terence.stone25, if students do use their phones to record, there’s a chance they’ll end up with a file size too large. If this happens, the student may need to change the recording settings on the phone to decrease the quality of the video, resulting in a smaller file size. As long as the reader can follow what’s going on, the quality is good enough. No need for the default crazy high resolutions.

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Some of my students just held their phones in front of the computer screens and recorded as their app played. If the files were too big, we’re lucky enough to have Adobe Media Encoder on our computers to reduce file size, but there are probably a number of free converters that can do that.

Screencastify and Screencast-o-matic are Chrome extensions. Students were able to install their choice in my case.

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Screencast-omatic has a web-based version. It doesn’t allow for audio, but you don’t have to have audio in the video that is uploaded to the student Digital Portfolio. Here are the instructions I provided to my students:

  1. Go to
  2. Click START RECORDING … the next page will have a green LAUNCH RECORDER button
  3. an .exe program that is web based will start.
  4. Go to your project and make sure the dotted lines are around the part of the screen you want to capture.
  5. Click REC and run your program in 50 seconds or less.
  6. Click PAUSE. Check your time. Click Done
  7. Screencast-o-matic will allow you to preview your work. Watch it to see if there is something you may have left out of the video. If you like your results, SAVE AS FILE VIDEO. (type MP4, FILENAME should have no spaces and should not have your name in it – initials are okay. Save it to a folder you can find for when we need to upload it to Collegeboard
  8. It will take some time to save it. Once it’s completed, check to see that you can play the video from the file folder.
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Another option would be to just use PowerPoint and the Screen Recording option (used to be Office Mix).

Without going into ridiculous detail:

PowerPoint > Recording tab > Screen Recording. Then when done, Export to Video.

Works great and you probably already have it so you don’t have to fight with IT.

Quicktime player also has a screencast feature. That’s what my class used this year, but not every computer comes with that. If you have it Quicktime is easy to use.

@pmorey - Thanks for posting this simple tip! First time through the course, and I was just about to start the slow dance of getting “screencast-o-matic” approved by our technology department for student use.This bypasses that need, as you point out. FYI - in PowerPoint 2016, screen recording is in the “Insert” tab. Straightforward directions from Microsoft here.