Create Task-Screencast

Since we’re remote, students are all on Chromebooks this year. As a result, I can’t use Screen-cast-o-matic because they’re getting an error message. I tried to use Screencastify but it results in the wrong file format. Can anyone help me? I’m trying to find out if there are settings on the Chromebook that need changed but our Tech Dept is so busy I’m on my own.

If your Chromebooks have Chrome OS 89 then you have screen recording built into the OS.

There is currently a zero day vulnerability in Chrome so you will probably have gotten version 89 today if not already.

Considering the importance of having this tool for the create PT, I’ve found it helpful in the past to get my school admin to reach out to the IT dept and create an urgent request. Their voices are usually heard. Worst case, students can record using their phones.

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As always, you’re so helpful! One more question: Does it matter if their video also shows the code? I could teach them to crop/edit but right now, I’m eliminating anything that isn’t totally necessary. What are your thought on this?

I’ll definitely check this out. Thank you!

I don’t think it matters if their code is visible, as long as they focus on the key things indicated in the rubric.