Explore PT Samples Summarization


Hello, I’ve created a single sheet that has a summary of all 10 samples. I will share this with my students tomorrow, as we kick off the Explore PT. I have 85 minutes with them, and will use most of that time to go over some of the samples and ask questions. Wednesday I will introduce the Survival Guide, then they will begin thinking about their topic. I have 8 classes before the Holiday break, and this project is all we are doing. It’s more than the mandated 8 hours, but I also leave an extra day in case of snow (Vermont!).

The weights for each row are based on 2018, I don’t know if they are accurate or not. I also am not 100% certain that these will be the final samples, as the College Board web site isn’t very clear… they say that new samples are coming in Fall of 2019 but I can’t wait. If anyone finds that these are old, please let me know.

It doesn’t look like I can upload a document here, so I placed it on my Google drive. I hope you find it valuable, and feel free to share!