Explore PT sources

Good morning,
The Explore PT says students must use 2 sources dated after the previous academic year. Does that mean anything after the Spring of 2018, or would slightly older sources be ok if they were at least published in 2018? Thanks.

Hi @almanm,

Short answer - the “previous academic year” ends after April of the previous calendar year. That means a source is considered recent enough if it’s dated May 2018 or later.

Source: https://apcentral.collegeboard.org/courses/ap-computer-science-principles/course/frequently-asked-questions/the-explore-performance-task-directions-indicate-least-two-sources-must-have-been-created?course=ap-computer-science-principles


Do sources that have been updated after May 2018 count as well?

I have seen some online sources that have been published several years ago but have been updated after May 2018. Are students able to use this?

I would think yes as long as it says so in the article!

Thank you for your response!

I believe the intention of the “recent article” rule is that CB is trying to keep the innovations something current, not what was considered an innovation 10 years ago. They then define current as something that’s still being talked about, something that’s in the news. By my interpretation (including all the zero authority I have), an updated article seems to be in the spirit of currentness.