AP Explore Student Feedback


I know teachers aren’t supposed to give feedback on Explore PT; but can students give each other feedback on Explore PT before submitting?


Hi @yanet.cabrera,

Great question, as per the “purple book” on page 112,

So, that would seem like “student feedback” would be hard “no”. I know it is tough to be pushing collaboration all year and then ban it for 8 days… but, that’s what the college board says…


Is there a time limit on when the computing innovation was created?


No. But the articles must be in the current year (after June 2018).


thank you I appreciate the immediate response


Hi @lflohr,

Sangeeta brings up a good point about some articles needing to be recent. Many have asked how College Board defines the end of the academic year. CB defines the end of the academic year as when the previous Performance Tasks were due, which is April 30. Thus, articles published after April 30 of last year are considered “after the end of the previous academic year”.

To see the College Board community discussion about this topic (login required):



While the college board says that, there is nothing in the rubric that would deduct an points if the sources aren’t current. Row 8 in the scoring guidelines awards the point if:

The in-text citations can be in either the artifact or the written response.
The in-text citations may be oral in the computational artifact.
Do NOT award a point if any one of the following is true:
● the response contains a list of sources only, no in-text citations;
● the response contains less than three in-text citations; or
● there are fewer than three sources cited, even if there are three or more in-text

So as long as they have 3 sources and do in-text citations of all 3 they get the point.


I should add that the college board can certainly change how the grade that point! So while in the past the publish date of the article hasn’t been taken into account that could change even with this year’s reading.

One issue my students have with this is finding sources that actually give the publication date. I do stress that they should try and find two articles that are recent and have a publication date but it’s not easy. The references section in Wikipedia is a good start for that but they stills struggle. Does anyone have ideas on how to find articles with publication dates?


Definitely an issue my students had and an issue I’ve heard of from other teachers.

I told my students that if there was info from an article without a publication date, try to find that same info somewhere else that does have a publication date. Basically, do a search for that specific fact to see what other sources state it.